Transform your relationship with the word ‘responsibility’ from a burdensome obligation to an empowered ability to choose your response.

Let People Know What Is OK and Not OK for You

Let the simile of the main door and doorbell encourage you to set your boundary and let people know what is ok and what is not ok for you. Define your boundary with clarity and…

The 5 Step Action Plan for Almost Anything

Knowing what is within your control and influence ensures you direct your action purposefully. It keeps you in the win- win zone. “Focus on what you can do rather than stress about what you have…

Interrupting, Listening, and Communicating

Did you ever think that interrupting is like stepping on someone’s foot? Listen on and free yourself. Remember: ‘Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.’…

Move from never/always to as yet

When we make never and always statements like he always gets angry or I can never be regular with exercise, it means that we keep writing off any possibility of change in ourselves or in…

Reclaim your trishakti, three powers

Take a moment to reflect on any one area where blame is keeping you powerless. Gyan shakti – power to know, our capacity to think, our mind and its abilities to concentrate, to remember, to…

Rejoice in gratefulness

In how many ways is life securing and hugging you?What support do you take for granted every moment of your life which you fail to recognize?

Your attention is your sunshine

What do you pay attention to?Blame, what is missing, anxiety, worry, dissatisfaction?OrGoodness, possibility, perspective, win-win?Remember your attention is your choice.

Restful Rest

What is a simple way to wash off the pressures of the day and get clean restful sleep?“PARCEL” can be your answer .