Invest in the Most Precious Resource – Yourself

Every next level of your life will demand a different you

My role as a Leadership and Life coach is to partner with you to lead intelligently and live intelligently. My various studies and practical experiences as I grew to be a business leader, educator, facilitator and coach come together to give a unique edge to the coaching engagement as we explore possibilities, navigate challenges and overcome barriers.

Each coaching partnership is unique and tailored to support you to move ahead with clarity, courage and confidence. Every conversation is confidential.

What my clients experience


You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

Martin Luther King

My life and my job just weren’t making me happy I was lost, I was sad, stressed and exhausted but I thought I should be able to figure a way to make things better. I’m an investment manager after all – why couldn’t I manage my own life? I tried different things, made endless lists, gave myself a good talking to but it just didn’t work. So, I asked for help. And that help came from my coach Sajili. She exhibited a unique sense of interest in my life and after just a few sessions, things became clearer. I value her support more than I can explain. She is a professional who is insightful, supportive, non-judgemental and a joy to talk to.
Dharmesh Shah
Regional Investment Analytics
I worked with Sajili when I was going through one of the tough phases in my professional life. I was looking at others around me and had a feeling that I wasn’t doing the “right things” and this made me feel less confident about myself. Sajili helped me understand my core and the fact that I have some unique strengths which I should capitalise on instead of comparing my journey with someone else. This acceptance of myself helped tremendously and I was able to use this to build a successful business in the subsequent years.
Vinod Sudhindra 
Founder & CEO
GrowthLeap Consulting Services Pvt Ltd
Sajili had worked with my senior management team. Her coaching helped my team understanding themselves better as she worked with each individual based on what they needed. This led to tremendous improvement in their performance and team work.
Aditya Kedia 
Managing Director
Transcon Developers
I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the valuable coaching you have provided to me during my journey of executive MBA. Your listening ear, empathetic nature, and professional approach have made a significant difference in my life on a personal and professional front. I appreciate your non-judgmental and compassionate approach, which has allowed me to feel comfortable and safe in sharing my thoughts and feelings with you.
Shailvi Singh 
Manager- Business Transformation
The Annet Group was fortunate to have Sajili work with us as an Executive Coach for over 2 years. Sajili worked closely with members of the executive team, helping to erase perceived limitations while gently pushing us to achieve professional and personal goals beyond our expectations. Sajili’s method helped breakdown communication barriers. Relationships across the executive team were greatly improved, allowing for more meaningful personal connections and professional gain for each team member and the company as a whole.
Rohan Bulchandani
The Annet Group
As a coach, Sajili provides a safe space where issues can be comfortably shared. One lesson I always re-live from our conversation is ‘Life is a journey, today built on the strengths of yesterday, tomorrow to be built on today’. As a coach, Sajili beautifully brings structure to the chaotic thoughts and emotions and helps to see things with a different lens. Thank you Sajili.
Mrydul Gupta
Category Manager-SAARC
Pidilite Industries
I have been lucky to be Sajili’s coachee for over 2 years. I was a hard core finance professional and too stubborn to open up initially, but as the sessions progressed, I could feel a great shift within myself which has significantly improved my relation with my own inner self and consequently with my fellow colleagues at work and at home. It was the start of a self discovery journey which still continues. She still keeps in touch and is happy to guide and receive feedback on how our life progresses beyond the coaching period, and this makes Sajili stand out amount other professional coaches!
Princy Joseph
Group Head- Finance & Accounts
Retransform, An Apex Group Entity
When I started my engagement with Sajili, I was stuck in my past, ambivalent towards my present, and fearful of my future. And my brief to her was to help me move forward in life with renewed hope and zest.
Sajili’s patient and meticulous coaching over the past 8 months has helped me recognize and overcome the long-standing negative beliefs and mindsets that have been holding me back from achieving my fullest potential.
Nitin Gupta
Founder & Managing Director